Counterpart Season 1 Episodes 6 480p 720p HEVC HDTV

Counterpart Season 1 Episodes 6 480p 720p HEVC HDTV

Episode Title:  Act Like You’ve Been Here Before
Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Justin Marks (created by) 
J.K. Simmons, Olivia Williams, Harry Lloyd 
Quality: 720p, 480p

Original Language: English
More Information: IMDB

Story Line: Aldrich questions a not-too recent death in the office. Emily, Howard and Shaw follow a lead.

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One of the infiltrators experiences Berlin’s nightlife; when questioned by his compatriot, he reaffirms that the people of the Alpha world are “filthy” and all deserve to die. Anna discusses her father’s odd behavior with Emily Prime. Ian is told of Emily and Howard Alpha’s encounter with the courier. Ian submits Howard to a lie exam, which Howard “beats” because he has no knowledge of Howard Prime’s activities. Emily Prime shares a Potsdam address gleaned from the courier with Ian; they, Howard Alpha, and a squad of agents travel there, but Pope is alerted by an insider and the building’s residents begin burning documents.


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