A Company Man 2012 480p | 720p English BluRay

A Company Man 2012 480p | 720p English BluRay

A Company Man 2012
Action | Drama | Thriller
Sang-yoon Lim 
Sang-yoon Lim 
Ji-seob So, Mi-yeon Lee, Do-won Kwak 
Movie Quality: 720p, 480p
Rating:  6.7/10
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Film Story: When a change of heart moves a well-trained hitman to tender his resignation to his employers, no good comes of it for anyone.


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A Company Man 2012 480p | 720p English BluRay Download

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Ji Hyeong-do is an assassin for a company that masquerades as a metal trading firm. One day, he takes on a job partnering with a young man (Ra Hun) whom he is to kill afterwards. Ra Hun asks a favor of Hyeong-do, which is to give money to his family. Hyeong-do visits Ra Hun’s home where he meets Ra Hun’s mother, Yu Mi-Yeon, a former singer whom Hyeong-do admired in the past. Guilt, an unknown feeling up to this point for Hyeong-do, begins to take him over. When Hyeong-do’s company realizes that he hasn’t taken out Ra Hun as planned, Hyeong-do quickly becomes targeted.

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